Reel Youth digital film-makingYoung people on the course developed their own film ideas, learnt how to use a camera and sound and were introduced to editing.

They produced four films: a trailer, an animation, a drama and a documentary.

The course was led by young film makers from Peckham Youth and Animation Media (YAM) and supported by two volunteers.

The films were screened at the Ritzy Cinema in December 2007. Participants invited their family and friends to showcase their work and receive their certificates.

Two of the course students went on to make a film about the Lambeth Football Tournament.

Films produced:

  • Time Bell – a trailer about the planet.
  • Bang Bullet Bang – an animation about gun crime in Brixton.
  • Odd Jobs – a documentary about the jobs people do in Lambeth featuring local business people and personalities, including: a Brockwell Lido lifeguard, Ichiban Sushi restaurant owner, an artist, a boxer, Sam the Wheels, a community art worker…
  • Green Eyes – a sci-fi drama about eternal youth.

Aims of the project

  • To develop team working skills.
  • To give young people a chance to express themselves about issues that concern or interest them.
  • To provide digital film making training, including camera work.


  • Capital Community Foundation

A DVD of all the short films is available upon request.