Bling Ya Fashion is a fun creative project for young people. It’s an upcycling programme where participants take along a piece of clothing to ‘bling’ and learn how to display designs they have produced for the public.

This video showcases a previous Bling Ya Fashion programme where young people developed an “I Love Tulse Hill” logo, arranged fundraising events and art exhibitions.



Base sewing workshop

• Learning how to apply basic hand stitching techniques
• Backstitch
• Basting
• Blanket stitch
• Samples of various decorative embroidery stitches


and explanation of how they can be used.
• Learning about different types of fabric and how they can be used.
• Sewing Machine: Understanding the sewing machine and learning basic stitching techniques
• Samples of various seams and edgings and what type of garments they can be used for
• Samples of types of zip, ways of setting them in and usage of the different types.
• Learning about commercial patterns and how garments are put together.

We will also ask the students if there are any other sewing techniques they would like to learn.

Understanding community markets

DSCN1871• Street merchandising
• Clothing design and recycling old clothing into new fashion
• Learning how to apply for funding (entrepreneur confidence workshops)
• Learning how to be resourceful in hard economic times
• Learning how to fundraise