Christmas fundraising for our new BYT juniors

We are aiming to lunch a brand new strand to Brixton Youth Theatre.

BYT Juniors will be a free weekly workshops for 7 -11 year olds that will be at Brixton Community Base, Talma Road SW2 1AS starting in 2021

Over the past few years Talma Road,  and the surrounding streets, have run an annual street advent leading up to Christmas.  It’s been a neighborhood led initiative to shine light on the roads leading up to Christmas and has been a fantastic way to develop community spirit.  Each house selects a date in the advent and on their day displays the number in their own individual way.  This year the neighbours wanted to see if they could run the advent, but also raise funds for a local charity and thought the  Brixton Youth Theatre project based at the Community Centre, Talma Road was the perfect appeal to align with.

Thanks to Katie and all our neighbours for your support.

To donate follow the link below which takes you to donate to a charity page.
Then type in  1082783  (charity no.) and make donation.

Click HERE to donate