7th December 1940 Clarendon, Jamaica  – 11th November 2019 Brixton, UK

It is with great sadness we announce that Albert Myers passed away on 11th November.

Albert had been caretaker of St Vincent’s since Father Charles Walker founded the Community Centre in the 1980’s and in Fr. Charles’s words‘

‘ Thoughhis constant attendance and obvious devotion can sometimes be mistaken for a sense of ownership, the centre could scarcely be better looked after’ *

It is often referred to locally as ‘The Albert Hall’!

When Father Walker retired in 1996 the owners  decided to sell the building.  That it still exists within the community 23 years later is largely down to Albert and his tenacity in drumming up local support to save the Centre, whilst deterring all potential buyers that he was engaged to show round by pointing out all the defects.

In December 1998 the owners agreed to a management committee of local residents taking over the building and employing Albert, which we were very happy to do.

Albert has given so much to the Centre and his local community throughout the years, with special affection for NA, Survivors Poetry, the Churches, and the many children that have used the Centre for different activities as well as the actors rehearsing here who he greeted as long lost friends.

Love, Thanks and Respect

BCB Board and Friends

Albert lived at no 45 Talma Road.  If you would like to get in touch with his family contact either Jane or I and we will pass on contact details.

*Some of us are black  by Charles Walker