galaxyRattray Road Play Streets is a community activity that provides a safe area for children to ‘play out’ on the last Sunday of the month. The activity is run by a group of volunteer parents/carers who organise the road closure, publicise the day, gather together play equipment and provide snacks and drinks. The street (in Brixton) is closed to traffic between 3-6pm (with road closure signs provided by Lambeth Council) and volunteers make sure drivers are informed and re-directed. This activity encourages children to ‘reclaim the street’, make new friends, share toys and games, build confidence and develop a sense of communal ownership. Many of the children who attend are in foster care, receive free school dinners and/or are otherwise living in challenging circumstances. We feel very strongly that this activity helps children to develop friendships whilst playing happily and healthily in a familiar and safe environment. Rattray Road Play Street encourages children to put their coat on and ‘go out and play’!


Every week they will be donating five cash awards to local community groups and charities across the UK and Ireland.

At the end of each week they will award the People’s Choice entry with £300!

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