This will be a week long project for 15-20 participants over spring half-term. The young people will learn about fragrance, essential oils and the skills involved in perfume making including the calming, energising and mood-enhancing properties different scents have.  They will learn practical skills and have the opportunity, with guidance, to make their own perfume.  The programme will include a guest speaker(s) and a field trip to South London Botanical institute where the children will learn about plants and their origins.

At the end of the project the participants will all receive a certificate & the three selected perfume makers will receive a prize of a 1920’s perfume bottle.

The Project will be led by Lamont’e Johnson, director of ‘Bling Ya Bike’ and  ‘Bling Ya Fashion’


  • Understanding the fragrant flower garden in your community
  • History of perfume
  • Learn how to fragrance oil from flowers in your garden
  • Learn about plant cells and their functions
  • Flowers – examine and identify the main parts of a flower
  • What is a perfume wheel?
  • Perfume safety advice
  • What is synthetic perfume
  • Distillation of  flowers
  • Learn how to use carrier oil
  • Mixing & Measuring perfume
  • Designing your perfume brand or logo name for the perfume bottle

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